Blackhorse Hill – Cycling Climbs of Bristol

Blackhorse Hill is not a particularly challenging hill or overly long, but an inconvenient hump that needs to be overcome if you want to get up to Cribbs Causeway from Easter Compton. can you take viagra and antibiotics together levitra viagra cialis prices

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Blackhorse Hill will gain you approximately 150ft of climbing, with an average gradient of 7.5%, topping out at about 10%. It’s quite a busy road, slightly bendy with fast traffic, so not for the nervous cyclist as impatient drivers can pass too close or overtake without being able to see the oncoming traffic. how to get prescribed viagra

At just under 0.5 miles long, it’s quite a good training hill to attack, starting off with a shallow gradient and building slowly up to it’s steepest gradient towards the top before cresting near Bristol Golf Club. Lined with trees and fields on both sides it feels quite rural until you reach the M5 motorway junction.

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  • I really love to ride on the mountain and other high places as you need more power to climb up on these areas which help you to increase the power of your leg muscle.

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