Bristol Bike Centre – Your new LBS!

If you’ve been to Bristol Golf Centre since the end of June, you may have noticed some strange happenings in one of the old sheds. You may have heard some clunking, some clanging, and you will have definitely heard the sound of a kettle boiling.

You may also have noticed the presence of a few two wheeled contraptions littering the area outside the front of the shed.

What you are seeing is the birth of one of the most exciting projects in Hambrook in recent years. This is the birth of Bristol Bike Centre!

While we are only operating in temporary premises, and boy it’s going to get cold in there in winter, over the next few months work will start on building our big, shiny showroom that will house lots of equally shiny new bikes of all kinds, a workshop to fix your not so shiny bike and plenty of accessories to cater for your needs. There will of course still be a kettle.

While we are waiting for our new bike shop to be built, we will still be repairing and servicing your bikes, stocking Ghost, Creme and Ceepo, plus a wide range of stock from BBB and other suppliers.

So don’t wait for our new showroom, we’re open right now!

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