Driver Attempts to Push Bristol Cyclist Off Bike!

It’s a fact that there are some drivers who just don’t like cyclists. Certainly there are some types cyclists out there that none of us like, the red light jumpers, the kamikaze traffic dodgers, the ones without lights, the pavement pests. However to go out of your way to swerve across the road in your nice, shiny BMW, lean out of the window and attempt to push a law-abiding cyclist off his bike takes the anti-cycling agenda a little bit too far! cialis for sale usa has best price viagra

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Dave, a cyclist in Bristol was cycling home last night, and a white 520D BMW, registration MX64 JWU, slowed and swerved onto the opposite side of the road just to give him a little push. Not one of those nice, help-you-up-the-hills kind, but a knock-him-to-the-floor type. Fortunately for all those who like to watch a good video, unbeknown to the thuggish looking driver, the incident was caught clearly on camera and reported to the police.

Dave said “Last night, on 7th March, at approximately 17:20, while cycling home up Wordsworth Road, in Horfield, a white BMW travelling in the opposite direction slowed and swerved across the road towards me. The driver leaned out of the open window, put his hand on my right hip and gave me a strong shove. Although it unbalanced me slightly, I was able to stay upright and no injury occurred.” viagra tablets how to use

The video is being shared on social media with a call to expose and shame the #BristolRoadThug and let justice be done. cialis buy


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