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“Hard work alone isn’t enough to reach your cycling potential — if you want to get faster, you need to train smarter. TrainerRoad combines power-based cycling software with expert guidance to give you the most effective and efficient indoor-training program for cyclists. From assessing your fitness to choosing a training plan, athletes rely on TrainerRoad to help them win.” generic viagra

What is TrainerRoad?

In essence, TrainerRoad is a software suite that reads your power output from your power meter, or speed from your ANT+/Bluetooth sensor on your bike, converting this to a measure of power using a power profile for your turbo trainer. Using power, TrainerRoad allows you to train to a target power very easily and interactively using one of it’s professionally devised workout plans which are customised to your own Functional Threshold Power (FTP). TrainerRoad is available on PC, iOS and Android. cheapest viagra internet

What do I need?

To use TrainerRoad you will need a number of components to make it work. Firstly you will need a way of training indoors on your bike and for the structured FTP work and speed drills a turbo trainer is generally best/safest, but it is also possible to use rollers too.

You need a way of transmitting the power or speed data to TrainerRoad. This is done through the use of a power meter, but if you don’t have a power meter, as long as you have a compatible turbo trainer, you can use an ANT+ or Bluetooth enabled wireless speed sensor, such as the ones used with Garmin Edge to transmit speed data (which is converted to a power measurement in TrainerRoad). There are also some direct drive turbo trainers that will transmit the power information.

You will also need a way of receiving the data into TrainerRoad, which is not a problem if you have an iOS or Android device that is ANT+ or Bluetooth enabled, as many recent devices can already receive these data signals. placebo viagra pills

If you have a PC, then it’s likely you will need an ANT+ USB dongle to receive ANT+ signals, though many newer PCs and laptops already have Bluetooth capability if you are using a Bluetooth enabled sensor.

You can optionally use ANT+/Bluetooth cadence and heart rate sensors to transmit data to TrainerRoad too.

To summarise you’ll need:

  1. Bike
  2. Turbo trainer or rollers
  3. Power meter or ANT+/Bluetooth rear wheel speed sensor
  4. Device able to run TrainerRoad software with ANT+/Bluetooth or ANT+ USB dongle.
  5. TrainerRoad software and account (currently $12 month / $99 year)

With a standard (i.e. not smart) turbo trainer and an ANT+ speed sensor it can be pretty cheap to train with power.

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